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Kings' Norton Foundation Uganda (KNFU) is a charity arm of Kings' Norton school (KNS) and is registered as an NGO with the government of Uganda. KNFU's mission is to foster inclusive education through enabling underprivileged, and vulnerable children and/or those with special needs to attain quality care and education. KNFU strongly believes that we are blessed to be a blessing to others. Our motivation is anchored in the biblical principle of loving your neighbour as you do to yourself (Mark 12:30-31).


 We determined not to let barriers of economic status or physical disability deny any child quality education. 21 children from deprived backgrounds and 5 special needs children are currently enrolled at KNIS. The need is big and increasing day-by-day with more parents approaching us for places for their special needs children. You can be a solution by partnering with us through the following ways:


  • Sponsor individual child for from deprived backgrounds is otherwise unable to access education.


  • Help us develop and expand inclusive learning environment for all children with and without special needs to learn together. This support will cover Inclusive classroom infrastructure development.


  • Acquisition of learning aids and/or tools to facilitate inclusive learning by all children


  • Inclusive co-curricular (sport/play) infrastructure development.


  • Help train our teachers and children in Christian and special needs education. Every teacher can only give what they have and so, their training is crucial in making inclusive education a success.


  • Support Community outreach programme aimed at cultivation of principles of Christian education and parenting and skills for effective care for a special needs child at family and community levels.


KNFU Partners are:


  •  Angel's centre for Children with special needs Uganda is an organisation that offers psycho- and physio-therapeutic support to children with special needs. Through KNFU, Kings Norton International School will receive and incorporate graduates from Angel's centre into mainstream education at Kings Norton International school.

       Read more about Angel's centre


  • Mercy link foundation Africa, a faith based Non-Governmental Organization seeking to equip and empower the local Church, Grass root organization and individuals with a passion to reach the lost and vulnerable in Africa. Mercy link will help KNFU to implement programme for training teachers and community in Christian and special needs education. Read more about Mercy link on the

  • Across Borders for World Evangelism (ABWE Canada) is a missions agency who combined with our US counterpart, has more than 85 years of experience helping missionaries start relevant, effective, creative & adaptable ministries in more than 70 countries. read more about ABWE Canada:

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